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Why do I need to have x-rays taken?

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A significant percentage of dental disease occurs in areas that are hard to see with the naked eye. The areas include between the teeth, below the gum line and under existing restorations. If left undiagnosed the disease can progress with no obvious signs or symptoms. Dental x-rays allow the dentists and hygienists to see signs of dental disease that would otherwise be missed.

For this reason we routinely take a range of x-rays when we see you for the first time. This allows us to diagnose any disease that is present or confirm the lack of disease and are tailored to what we see visually in the mouth. Regular preventative x-rays are also important in diagnosing any disease processes as early as possible, which can result in any required treatment being conservative. The frequency of the taking of these x-rays is normally every 2-3 years, but may be more regular if the risk of dental disease is higher. Obviously we will not take x-rays unless there is good reason to do so.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

At Dental Design we use digital x-rays, the dosage is less than 10% of traditional film based x-rays which means they are very safe. The dose for a full set of x-rays is less than the natural background radiation you are exposed to on any given day.  

In summary, dental x-rays are a crucial part of your regular dental treatment and form an important tool in preventing dental disease from progressing. The dentists and hygienists can answer any questions you may have about the taking of dental x-rays at Dental Design. So what're you waiting for? Give our dental office a call.

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