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February 21, 2019
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in our Dee Why, NSW dental clinic gives patients the most exceptional results – far superior to those available in beauty salons or from the pharmacy. Only dentists have access to the high-strength whitening gel that penetrates the enamel and performs far better than those that address surface stains alone.

Once you have a whiter smile, keeping it that way will likely be on your mind. Here are three ways to avoid re-staining those brilliant teeth.

Don’t Drink Red Wine Immediately Following Whitening

Red wine is perhaps one of the most staining beverages that come into contact with teeth. Setting aside the Shiraz for a few days can keep colour deposits from staining your brand new smile with a purple or dark hue.

Teeth can become slightly dehydrated and are more susceptible to re-staining immediately following a whitening session. The same common sense caution might be advised with blueberries and blackberries as well.

Don’t Eat Curry Cuisine for a Few Days

If you have ever made a curry dish and some of the sauce made it onto your white apron or cutting board, you know that the stain is there to stay. It seems no amount of scrubbing can remove colourful and tasty curry from light-coloured, porous materials.

The enamel covering your teeth contains microscopic pores which can gather colour residue quickly right after bleaching your teeth.

Don’t Use Tobacco Products

It goes that without saying that tobacco is staining to the teeth and also contributes to health conditions. Smoking is one of the fastest ways to re-stain your teeth and require a touch-up whitening treatment sooner than for people who do not smoke.

If you need help quitting cigarettes, we have many valuable resources we can share with you.

For professional teeth whitening in Dee Why, NSW, we invite you to get in touch and arrange a consultation to discuss your path to a white, youthful-looking smile.

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