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March 13, 2019
Sedation Dentistry

A large percentage of the patients we serve come to us with at least some level of dental anxiety. Even patients who tolerate routine dental check-ups and cleans well suddenly become nervous when a procedure such as a dental crown or root canal comes up. We offer sedation dentistry in our Dee Why dental clinic, but that is not the first place we start because sedation dentistry is not for everyone.

We Have a Compassionate, Professional Team

You might be surprised to learn that having a kind and attentive team is often enough to relax lifelong fears. We never treat our patients like just another smile. We understand that each patient has different needs, and our dentists spend ample time listening to your concerns. If you are fearful of dental procedures or have had a negative experience in the past, please let us know. This gives us the power to help you overcome your fears.

We Treat Each Patient with Gentle Dentistry

It takes longer for some patients to become completely numb than others. We never rush our patients and will give the anaesthetic ample time to take effect. Rushing patients through the door is against our practice philosophy, which is to treat our patients as we would like our own families to be treated.

We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes fears run so deep, relaxing during a dental appointment requires the use of medication to induce a sense of calm and wellbeing. A full medical history and prescription medication evaluation will help us determine if sedation dentistry in our Dee Why dental clinic will be safe for you. Your comfort is important - your safety is essential. We welcome you to let us know if sedation dentistry is something that you might like to explore for your next dental procedure.

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